On-site incorrect fuel removal system
On-site incorrect fuel removal system

Have you ever put diesel in your petrol car – or vice versa?

If you have, you are in great company. Doctors, lawyers, and even truck drivers and mechanics often make the same mistake too of putting the wrong fuel in their car or vehicle, if it's petrol into a diesel or diesel into a petrol vehicle then Suckie Moto can help with fast roadside assistance to remove the fuel!

Suckie Moto comes to the rescue with a highly professional, friendly and cost effective incorrect fuel retrieval service – getting you back on the road in no time.

Suckie Moto provides a safe and environmental service and is an AA Approved Roadside Contractor.

Find out more about Suckie Moto’s services and background by browsing through the site. Suckie Moto is expanding its services throughout New Zealand. Please also read our franchise section if you are interested in joining Suckie Moto.

Moving your vehicle into a safe position
Removing incorrect fuel and adding correct fuel
Suckie Moto Saves Valuable Time & Money