Suckie Moto is a totally unique, professional and highly innovative company providing incorrect fuel retrieval services to stranded motorists.
Many motorists inadvertently put diesel into their petrol (and vice versa) each day. Some realise their mistake at the fuel station. Others find out as they drive away.

By inserting incorrect fuel, you have a problem. You can not continue to your destination. Attempting to do so will only risk damaging your engine. Your vehicle needs returning to its prior state. But who do you call?

Moving your vehicle into a safe position
Removing incorrect fuel and adding correct fuel
Suckie Moto Saves Valuable Time & Money

Suckie Moto to the Rescue

Suckie Moto comes to the rescue with a mobile response service. Suckie Moto comes to you.

Each Suckie Moto representative arrives complete with specialist equipment, specialist skills and knowledge, appropriate licensing (e.g., Dangerous Goods License) and an operation highly respectful of the environment.

Suckie Moto assists you by

  • Moving your vehicle into a safe position
  • Putting safety markers around the entire job scene
  • Removing incorrect fuel from your stranded vehicle in a controlled manner,
    by applying proprietary procedures
  • Adding correct fuel
  • Flushing and priming the fuel system, as required
  • Restarting the vehicle
  • Safely transporting, storing and disposing incorrect fuel mix

Suckie Moto Saves Valuable Time & Money

Suckie Moto is also advantageous because it typically only takes 30-40 minutes to restore your vehicle after arriving on site.

Suckie Moto also:

  • Eliminates towing the vehicle to a workshop
  • Dramatically reduces time taken to rectify problem
  • Is highly cost-effective
  • Is Safe and complies with all relevant legal requirements